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After two decades of experience as Technology, Internet and eCommerce Business Brokers and closing..

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Every business acquisition is different, which means the methods used to acquire each and every…

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An Online business, whether an ecommerce store, an Amazon business, eBay business or any other digital asset is not the same as selling a bricks and mortar business. From financing to structuring the selling memorandum, having someone who has dedicated over 2 decades to selling online businesses, rather than bricks and mortar companies, is the right choice for you.


Sell Your Internet Business the Right Way – with Experienced Business Brokers

January 19, 2018   0 Comments

Are you ready to sell your internet business? Have you been wondering how to sell a website, and are not really sure where to even begin? You know you want to get it on the market and set it at a reasonable price; you know you want to get things moving but are hesitant because the industry can be convoluted and confusing. Take heart in knowing that your first step is to contact experienced business brokers to get the job done right. First of all, they will know if you should even be taking your website to market now, or even soon into the future. They will be able to determine this based on market trends, and how suitable your website is for selling. There might be some tune-ups and adjustments to be made on the website, and experienced business brokers will be able to accomplish this because they have done it hundreds of times before. When choosing business brokers, make sure that they have a considerable amount of experience in the how to sell a website arena. You don’t want to hire business brokers with limited experience (say, under five years) because they just haven’t weathered enough internet changes, as well as sold enough client businesses to really have the experience you need them to have. Also, one of the firmest indicators of success is looking at past successes. Find business brokers who have proven their mettle in the industry by the dozens or hundreds of satisfied clients. This […]

Entrepreneurs with Internet Businesses for Sale Can Contact Veteran Business Brokers


Whether you are an entrepreneur that is new to the industry, or you are a seasoned veteran in the world of putting internet businesses up for sale, if you are a business owner ready to sell your online business, you can contact veteran business brokers to help maximize your profit at the closing table. The difference between placing the ecommerce business up for sale on your own, and trusting experienced business brokers is that they are more likely to have a wider range of knowledge and participation in the industry under the belt, affording them tremendous wisdom when it comes to nuances in the industry. Regardless of whether you want to buy or sell your online business, veteran business brokers can ultimately get you top dollar for your business, or allow you to acquire one within your means. Unfortunately, the industry is laden with business brokers who aren’t fully equipped with the experience necessary to optimize the process for you and allow you to walk away with an enviable profit. What are some of the considerations you should make before hiring business brokers to sell your online business? •Experience. More than anything, experience will determine how qualified a business brokerage firm is to represent you and your ecommerce business in the marketplace. How long have they been working in the industry? One year? Two? Twenty? Keep in mind that the longer the business brokers have been handling mergers and acquisitions, the more adept they will be to assist you. •Customer […]

Find the Right Website Broker When Selling an Internet Business


When it comes to selling, most people – especially entrepreneurs – think that they can do it all on their own. It might be their old Smartphone or their car or maybe even a vacation timeshare. However, the reality is that selling different goods and services requires different strategies, and if you are looking into selling an internet business, your best bet is to find a quality website broker to do the job. The internet has become a vastly busy place, with businesses springing up everywhere with the hopes that they will turn a profit at the end of the day, year or maybe decade. The number of reasons why a business person wants to sell their internet business are as varied as the number of businesses out there. Regardless of the reasoning, your first step is to locate the very best website broker who provides exemplary M&A services. What does this quality website broker look like? Here’s a profile: 1) They don’t take a dime of commission until your site has sold. 2) They provide a free 24 hour consultation to help you get started in the right direction. 3) They provide a free website valuation so you know right where you stand. 4) They have a long list of glowing client testimonials that speak to their quality reputation. 5) They have experience that spans more than two decades. 6) They were founded by serial internet entrepreneurs. 7) They provide exemplary M&A services such as consulting, turnaround consulting, and […]