After more than two decades of experience in Technology, Internet and eCommerce and closing hundreds of deals in these sectors, we are able to use our extensive intermediary experience to devise multiple exit strategies to the assets or shares being sold in a transaction. We represent both Small and Mid-Market Businesses in the digital space, and with this acute focus, we are miles ahead of the competition both in terms of deals done in the sector as well as proven results.

What makes our firm different? On the operations side, Premiere Business Brokers are also Serial Internet Entrepreneurs in a variety of niches. The exercise of Selling a tech company shouldn’t be done by a broker with no operational experience in the space; it should be done by those that not only have extensive experience running tech and web companies, but it should also be done by those that have represented hundreds of clients in the digital sector with high multiple results.

Another difference with our firm, Premiere Business Brokers, as it relates to the creation and execution of an exit strategy is that we have a large network of experts in the industry connected to Premiere Business Brokers and our sister company, Premiere Internet Business Brokers. These experts focus on all aspects of a deal, including, but not limited to, tax consultation, due diligence, accounting & finance, legal, operations and lending. These experts are integral to our processes and are involved every step of the way.

“Every deal has nine lives” is a saying in the Business Brokering world because there are endless obstacles that occur as Brokers navigate through the tumultuous waters of every deal. As skilled business brokers, it is our job to successfully manage the transactional process and to fix any issues that arise during the transaction. Emotions can run high on both sides of the table, resulting in complications that prolong a successful outcome. For the transaction to run smoothly, it’s important that we manage expectations and make sure each side maintains their composure. When a buyer submits an offer to the seller, it marks the very beginning of the process, and it is only through experienced and skilled deal-making that ultimately provides results that match the exit strategy originally created with the client.

When it comes to buying and selling web companies, there are a number of items to consider. These include Non-Compete Agreements, Asset Purchase Agreements, Stock Agreements, training agreements, consulting agreements, apportionment of WIP (Work in Progress), accounting allocations, financing, due diligence, various contingencies, assignment of leases that are particularly acceptable to lenders, maximizing inventory and the assumption of liabilities. These items tend to be particularly stressful for both buyers and lenders, so it’s important to choose a Broker that knows how to maneuver through the endless obstacles that arise during every deal, no matter how black and white it may seem at the beginning.

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